I do hope you are enjoying my Steps for Success and that you are benefiting from the knowledge and techniques.


This Step is divided into six sections which are reflected in the aims below. As always I provide examples and exercises.


Communication is vital in our daily lives. You communicate everyday. However many do not know that communication involves more than words and tone of voice. It is affected by non-verbal body language and facial expression. More importantly you must recognise when it is effective and when it is not.


Since the introduction of and increasing use of computers, emails, mobile phones, texts and IT in general further challenges are faced. Technology is now everywhere, not just at work, but at home and in personal lives, even on holiday, it impacts on your free time.


Another problem with the cryptic, shortened messages that you receive through texts, facebook messages and on social media, they can and often are mis-read, mis-interpreted and in the process the meaning is often lost! 


Technology may be time saving but there is an increase in communication being or becoming ineffective. However, technology is here to stay and therefore it is becoming increasingly important for you to learn how to communicate as effectively as possible in all the circumstances.


Aims & Outcome


Before you can communicate with others you must know how to communicate with yourself. Before being able to do this you should know and understand your strengths and challenges(weaknesses). If you have undertaken the Quidia exercise then you will be aware of your strengths and challenges. If you have not done this exercise then I recommend you do this now.


Aims of Step Six – Communicate


  1. Effective communication – learn how to communicate effectively
  2. Re-inforcing awareness – recognise the impact of re-inforcing your awareness
  3. Motivation – learn about motivation
  4. Stress – understand stress levels
  5. Stress solutions/coping strategies – learn about stress solutions (coping strategies)
  6. Improve your well-being – learn that you can achieve improved well-being for the future



  • to be able to communicate effectively with yourself and others

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