I look forward to helping you face and manage challenges. This step is divided into five sections and I have set them out in the aims below. In addition to this there are also exercises, examples and case studies.


I want this and my other Steps to be your personal development program, just for you, so that you can use it to become a more positive person which also helps you improve your overall wellbeing. You should be aware of the starting point for personal development and the master key is to practice my ABC core techniques. Never beat yourself up for having to remind yourself of my ABC. I sometimes need to do this too, particularly when life is challenging. 


Another helpful tip is to try Quidia again so that you are reminded of your strengths but more particularly your challenges. Of course remember that the shapes test is just a guide and not to upset or make you anxious. No matter what your challenges are you can face and manage them with my help. You can then realise your true potential.


Aims of Step Four – Challenges


You will learn:

  1. how to recognise your challenges
  2. how to respond to challenges
  3. how to actualise (make real) your challenges so that you can face them
  4. how to turn challenges into opportunities
  5. how to prepare your action plan




  • You will be able to face, manage and overcome challenges

Course Features

  • Duration : 10 week
  • Max Students : 1000
  • Enrolled : 0
  • Assessments : Self
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